CPD - Continuous Professional Development Program


EthicEA membership committee deals with members’ concerns and issues arising from their membership with Ethics Institute of East Africa. These include organizational membership issues. The committee members include;

  1. Samuel Kimeu – Executive Director – Transparency International – TI- Kenya.
  1. Sarah Kimani – CEO – Centre for Ethics – Kenya
  1. Elijah Achoch – Transformational and Change Director – Ministry of Youth, Gender and Public Service – Government of Kenya
  1. Patricia Kerretts – Communications Authority - Kenya

Benefits of being EthicEA Member
EthicEA membership guidelines submitted to members in 2015 – 2016 remains in force as a requirement for one to be a member. Members are free to enroll using the application available online on the website,

The institute’s recognizes professional excellence by awarding those institutions and individuals working hard and committed to ethical ideals at their workplaces and within their businesses. The institute is managing professional development through its CPD program and gives formal recognition of membership development.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program
For those who have attended EthicEA programs, EthicEA training programs and certifications hold the status of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified ethics, leadership and human rights professional that has the potential to contribute to the advance of his or her ethics practice area. Members are therefore encouraged to consider attending most of EthicEA programs organized in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and earn CPD points which is a requirement for retaining membership of the institute.

Individual members, upon achieving EthicEA ethics training, al will need to continue attending EthicEA programs to qualify as a Certified Member through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Due to differing professional and organizational conditions requirements, EthicEA CPD program is designed to suit the East African region.

The EthicEA CPD program helps a member to progress and get ahead in their career in ethics, leadership and protection of human rights. Our CPD program offers our members ability to take control of their own professional development in order to continuously develop career and certified member status of the institute.

Ongoing Learning Programs – OLP
Through OLP, EthicEA believes that learning does not only happen in the classroom. Those who have attended EthicEA programs will agree that some of the most important learnings have been acquired at the work environment. EthicEA CPD therefore is developed to be convenient for you, around your everyday work and giving you credit for your ongoing learning activities. Professional activities that you routinely participate in are recognized by EthicEA as fulfilling a part of your CPD requirements. This includes ethics, leadership, governance and protection of human rights events and attending training integrity courses.

CPD requirements
All those who got certified as ethics officers, had membership fees waived and warded membership certificate for 2015 – 2016; waived from CPD requirements for the 1st year – 2015 - 2016.

From the 2nd year onwards – January – 2017 onwards, ALL members will be required to complete 8 CPD points annually in order to keep their status as a certified member and a member of good-standing in the ethics fraternity of Ethics Institute of East Africa.

The following activities shall count towards your CPD requirements.

  1. EthicEA seminars, workshops and courses (ethics, leadership, governance and protection of human rights).
    EthicEA in collaboration with its international partners recognizes partners’ organized programs, both locally, regionally and distance programs. Members receive CPD points for participating in these programs; all related to ethics, leadership, governance and protection of human rights. Such programs awards the member 2 CPD points for 2 hours attended.

          These may include seminars, breakfast meetings, conferences and workshops organized by EthicEA and its partners’ institutions and organizations.

  1. Research contribution (in electronic or printed publication)
    Amember may submit a written case study (minimum 1000 words) to EthicEA or contribute an article to be published in the ETHICS WATCH MAGAZINE to qualify for CPD points (1000 words = 1 CPD point).
  1. Presentations & trainings
    Key note speeches at EthicEA organized functions or training presentations of any relevant courses or seminars qualifies for CPD points. (2 hour presentation = 2 CPD points) 
  1. Organizational Ethical Commitment – CPD and Membership Renewal
    Organizational members’ commitment are assessed based on the following criteria:-

    I) Nomination of organization’s members of staff (at least ten (10) in that financial year) to attend ethics, integrity, leadership, governance and protection of human rights programs organized by EthicEA and its partner organizations in a single financial year.

    II) An Annual donation of minimum of Kshs. 150, 000.00 to the activities of EthicEA specifically on ethics, governance, leadership and protection of human rights.

    III) Sourcing for EthicEA services and tools from EthicEA which include; Whistleblowing Electronic System and Policy, Ethics and Integrity programs (seminars, workshops, conferences – tailor-made or open organized programs), Integrity testing program, Code of ethics, Anticorruption policy and other related ethics and integrity tools.

Qualifying and Checking for EthicEA membership status
EthicEA maintains the membership guidelines submitted to members in 2015 – 2016. The guidelines, copy attached, will remain in force until the membership Committee (EMC) deliberates and reviews the same upon recommendations of the members. Membership will be renewed and your name will be added to our website and members’ directory to be created. To check your membership status, please see Members’ Verification on EthicEA website.

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